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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  September 7, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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governor rick perry getting his bearings on a stage that he will hope to dominate this evening. and there are no shortage of story lines in this unsettled field. one growing more confident by the day that whoever comes out on top has a legitimate shot at unseating president obama, so where to begin? how about governor perry, the pistol-packing state's right stalwart who has never lost an election in his life. the cool politician who skyrocketed to front-runner status, and tonight debuts on the national stage. perhaps no one faces the same pressure as he does. then there's former massachusetts governor mitt romney, the safe, if perhaps dull millionaire, trumpeter of private sector experience who yesterday had this to say to the president while laying out a 49-point jobs plan. >> president obama's strategy is a pay phone strategy, and we're in an smartphone world, taking quarters and stuffing them into the pay phone and can't figure
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out why it's not working. it's not connected anymore, mr. president. >> a mildly clever turn of phrase, but one wonders if mitt's telephone metaphor will ultimately ring hollow. and lest we forget congresswoman michele bachmann, you may be forgiven if she did, as it seems the tea party darling fell victim to the iowa straw poll that broke the candidate's back, and then there is that other lone star candidate, congressman ron paul, cheerleader of small government and critic of rick perry. >> now america must decide who to trust. al gore's texas cheerleader or the one who stood with reagan? >> and, of course, the current also-rans increasingly desperate for attention, any attention, newt and herman, huntsman and santorum, and you can bet one other politician keeping a keen eye on the stage tonight, president barack obama who in some ways will offer a rebuttal tomorrow night as he addresses the nation with his own vision
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for fixing the economy and getting americans back to work. plenty to talk about indeed, and you're looking at a live picture inside the reagan national library as the final preparations for tonight's debate are made, and we are absolutely delighted that our colleague and frankly this network's esteemed political historian chris matthews joins us now from california. good afternoon, chris. >> well, martin, i love your writing style, by the way. you're a great fight promoter. >> thank you very much. >> in reading the commentators -- >> you or don king. don king and you are the two best i think. >> you're making me blush. if i was white, i'd be red. if reading the commentators on this issue it seems as though the battle between michele bachmann and rick perry is really going to be the most combustible. he in a sense has everything to lose, and she desperately needs to make some impact or fall further behind, i guess. >> yeah, and i think that he can count on her throwing a punch,
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and all he needs is a really good counterpunch. one thing i've learned studying military history is the strongest tactic is the attack from a defensive position. it works normally in politics. wait for your opponent to take a swing and then have a retort, and that retort is rooted for by everyone in the audience because always root for the guy or the woman who is playing defense, and then in this case it will be perry, us a point out. he simply has to have one of those great lines like there you go again, or don't get so excited, or let me take a minute with that one, or as george herbert walker bush said to dupont, let me help you with that one, pierre, so it's the comeback that matters. >> a recent poll suggested that a majority would vote for rick perry, even though they also admitted to not knowing anything about him. >> exactly. >> how does that work, chris? >> that's where you want to be in any relationship, where people don't know you so well but love you.
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he's 38% in an nbc poll want him to be the nominee. only 21% have a favorable notion of him which means there's a 17-point bonus for this guy starting off. i compare it to one of those old i wasn't around then but one of the silent film stars who had to make the transition to the talkies. tonight is his first talky. for the first time ever most people watching on television tonight will hear rick perry speak. it's going to be quite a moment. does he talk like a person with common sense? is he a grownup? we know he's an aggie and had a 2.2 at texas a&m. we don't care. we want to know if he has common sense. if he exhibits that tonight, he wins. >> what about mitt romney? i guess it's the case of him for remaining steady, unflustered, the gay who doesn't do maybe anything spectacular but just keeps going solidly forward. is that right? >> well, you know the guy who gets the girl in life is often the guy who waits out all the
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hot shots, and when she finally decides it's time to get married, he's standing there and still bringing her flowers. >> i hope you're not describing your own marriage, chris. >> no, staying the course does help, but really the person who sticks with it, and i think his confidence over the last 24 hours can only be explained by the fact that he figures that rick perry will come up short, that something about him will cause people to say, no, the profile is there. something wrong with the guy. i don't know why he thinks that. personally i think rick perry is going to be very hard to stop at this point given his record as governor, his successful re-elections down there in a big state that matters to conservatives, and the fact that basically he comes off as so far a rather regular person, and obama, even to his friends, seems a bit aloof. >> indeed. with this debate taking place at the ronald reagan library, there's no doubt going to be homage paid to the great man and former president. >> yes. >> but isn't this somewhat
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disingenuous, chris, since ronald reagan was frankly a pragmatist? i remember seeing him when he came to the united kingdom in the 1980s. he raised taxes and grew government. he also signed into law one of the nation's most permissive abortion laws. >> i know. >> and yet all of these candidates are going to end up claiming some kind of emlation of ronald reagan. is that accurate? is that fair? >> well, everything you said is acrarkts martin. he did all those things under duress. he did them because we have a divided political system, adversarial system, but other part you have to pay homage to is every cab driver, if you will, every american knew where ronald reagan stood. he wanted to defeat the soviet union in the cold war using electronics, basically high frontier, star "star wars." he wanted to do it through state of the art technology. they knew what he was going to do, gun the engines on research and bet them and maybe even bluff them out of the cold war. number two, he's going to reduce the size of government by cutting taxes. everybody knew those things about him, those elements of his
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belief. we as of this moment don't know those attributes of belief of barack obama, and that is hurting him, i believe. maybe he thinks he's benefitted from a kind of opaque ideology or ideological presentation, but i don't think so. where reagan compromised, you point out where he did, but where he believed we understood him, and i think that was very important to his success. >> a couple of final questions, chris. do you think that the ronald reagan of genuine and accurate history would really fit in the present incarnation of the republican party? >> well, i think ronald reagan, despite his personal christianity, was a secular politician. although he would address the pro-life rallies every year in washington, for example, he would do so through public address. he never showed up at rallies. he never really tried to change the abortion laws. he accepted "roe v. wade" under the constitution. he paid, you know, respect to the concerns of those who wanted to value life for the unborn,
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but he didn't push it as some sort of denial of rights of a woman to make a decision. he never really did that. he wasn't really noticeably in any way intolerant of gay people that i remembered. he wasn't out front, and this is a strike against him on aids, and certainly he could have been much faster at that, a bit older and not very quick on that one, but he wasn't a social conservative. he was basically a guy who believed that the best thing about america was freedom. freedom across the board. americans' freedom to do what you want to do, in your economy or bedroom or whatever, and i think he had respect from other people. he's a hollywood guy. he understood gay people and their existence and their rights to be and their love abiliabili you will. i don't think he was a social conservative in that sense, and i think in a sense to answer your question, he would not feel very comfortable in today's kind of church tent republican party. >> just a final question, krirks and i would love -- >> was that too strong? maybe that was too strong but
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there's a lot of that in the party. >> i thought that was accurate. just a final question. do you think that the tea party is losing its influence, the closer we get to this election? even as the electorate loses, appetite for anger and starts reaching for solutions? >> well, i do think this is about the republican party. i was just out to see mt. rushmore, keep talking about it because i'm so overwhelmed. i never seen it before. my daughter and i went out there, our daughter, spent two hours looking up at it and wondered at it and trying to understand it. what it says about our country, four great presidents, and i -- i think that the tea party has, unfortunately, made the republican party somewhat of a confederate party, a secessionist, anti-washington party, a party that doesn't believe in our unity as a country under the constitution. they say they like the constitution but they really are against any kind of common action. i think that's not very republican. i think the republican party believed in the union. it is what lincoln fought for. fought against people like rick perry. teddy roosevelt fought for
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conservation. this party dumps all over, pees all over, you might say the epa. terrible how they talk about environmental protection, so i don't think they are consistent through conservatism which is to protect what's valuable in our country, hold on to it and make sure that the country stays united. those are conservative principles, holding on to what's valuable and keeping the country united. i know that's the british sense of conservatism, and it's mine. >> chris mat thurks as ever, thank you so very much. >> it's an honor to be on. what a great night tonight will be. >> chris will have much more from the reagan library on "hardball." he'll be live tweeting. the neebds politico debate starts tonight 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. don't miss our own post-debate coverage with chris and all of our msnbc primetime team. we'll have much more coming up. please stay with us. [ male announcer ] your mouth can open doors,
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we are about four hours and 45 minutes from tonight's gop presidential debate here on msnbc, and as the eight contenders polish their talking points, former candidate tim pawlenty threw his out of the window for a sit-down with stephen colbert last night. >> i was out of money, and coming in third place behind michele bachmann and ron paul, i think that's enough for any one person to endure. >> right. >> did you think about learning to juggle? >> i thought about -- i thought about shooting sparks up my b t butt. >> i would vote for that. >> where was that guy during the campaign? maybe he could have won.
3:15 pm
of course, the candidates still in the race are just as good for laughs, just ask david letterman who has the top ten reasons why michele bachmann's campaign is in trouble. >> she keeps referring to the governor of texas as katy perry. husband is leaving campaign to host a makeover show on bravo and she's running out of bat crazy things to say. >> speaking of the texas governor, we're just disappointed that oliver stone wasted josh brolin casting him as george w. bush. clearly he's a ringer for rick perry. just look. >> actually i'm reading something right now, yeah, very engaging book. >> oh, what it is? >> barry goldwater's "conscious of a conservative." >> don't tell me. >> well, i worked on gene mccarthy's campaign and voted for lbj. >> oh, no, no. well, it looks liky we're hitting it off like grease hitting the skill >> joining us to talk about all
3:16 pm
things debate, two republican strategists who always hit it off. sherry jacobis and former rnc communications doug high. doug, can i start with you. we know that rick perry has the same texas swagger as george bush and likely his is more authentic, but when it comes to seeing hip in the debate setting, do you think he's in danger of being too much in bush's likeness, maybe the reincarnation of george bush? >> no, i don't think so. you certainly have seen some back and forth with some bush supporters, people who worked in the bush white house, but also the republican primary voters want to swing back from where we are right now with president obama to what we had four years ago, three years ago and so the governor should be able to communicate with those voters pretty well. i also think he's benefited from having low expectations coming into this, part of the reason that we have so many candidates from washington, who have worked in washington and governor perry hasn't been around those reporters and journalists every day. it's changed the expectation game and i think slightly in his
3:17 pm
favor. >> well, maybe because he hasn't been the subject of such scrutiny. sherry, what about michele bachmann? that iowa straw poll win was quickly squashed by perry's entry into the race. what does she need to do tonight to regain some luster and to stay relevant? >> well, first of all, i expect that she will do very well based on past performances, and i think she needs to hang in there and maintain what i guess is a third place position right now. what i hope doesn't happen is that romney and perry go after each other tonight. i think they both are strong. yesterday romney looked very -- like a very trusted businessman coming out with his jobs program. perry has a great record in texas with jobs with 40% of all jobs nationwide since june of 2009 being in texas, so his first stepping on to the national stage like this, i hope he doesn't go nasty. i would hate to see that. maybe i'm too much of a girl scout in that regard, but i don't think that's what primary voters or national voters want right now. as far as the other candidates,
3:18 pm
martin, they will have to do something really spectacular to sort of pull themselves out of irrelevancy and maybe we'll see some of the sparks flying as much as i didn't want to go there. >> i think we probably will. it will be interesting to see how mitt romney deals with not being the front-runner anymore. what are you looking for from him? >> well, we certainly saw mitt romney throughout this campaign running as a front-runner, focusing his attacks on barack obama, on the obama administration. certainly the game has changed a little bit, and we should see some more direct contrast, direct engagement with governor per, with say michele bachmann so we'll see some of that. we may see some sparks but i hope they are not the same kind of sparks tim pawlenty was talking about. definitely something no one wants to see. >> as stephen colbert said it would be quite entertaining. finally, cheri, why is newt gingrich attending? >> newt gingrich's been in the mix for quite some time. i don't think he thinks he's president but he understands his value in these debates, an extraordinarily smart man, and i
3:19 pm
think that he has value. i like having him on the stage. i like hearing what he has to say, so it's -- it's really, really early to expect him to get out of race. still has a lot to offer. >> you are a wonderfully loyal member. sheri and doug heye, thanks for joining us. >> we want to hear your thoughts on the debate beginning at 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. we'll be offering ours throughout the evening on twitter and you canfall follow us at [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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we're just learning the names of the victims involved in a shooting in an ihop parking lot that left five dead, including the gunman and seven wounded and moments ago chilling 911 calls from witnesses describing a scene of utter chaos.
3:23 pm
>> the next thing heard in that call was the sound of an automatic weapon discharging. law enforcement officials are also looking into the gun used by 32-year-old edwarda sencion and whether or not the ak-47 he used to carry out the killings may have been purchased illegally. this violent outburst comes after 52 shootings were reported in new york city during the extended labor day weekend, leaving behind 67 gunshot victims, 12 of them fatalities. a weekend of violence that left new york city mayor mike bloomberg angry over what he says are lax gun control laws and a federal government too
3:24 pm
weak-kneed to act. new reports are raising eyebrows with disturbing statistics. over 16,000 guns have gone missing from factories since 2009 and 62,000 missing from inventories of gun dealers since 2008. so it makes one wonder whether the second amendment and the role guns play in the united states will arise as a topic at tonight's debate. indeed, one candidate has been plainly outspoken on the topic. >> i'm actually for gun control. use both hands. >> while governor rick perry's comment received some laughs, he's not joking. in fact, it seems as if guns are a subject mr. perry holds quite close. need more proof? look no further than his own book in which he writes, quote, texans, on the other hand, elect folks like me, you know the type. the kind of guy who goes jogging in the morning packing a ruger .380 with laser sights,
3:25 pm
loaded with hollow point bullets and shoots a coyote that is threatening his daughter's dog. and while recent events are unlikely to have any effect on gun control, perhaps mr. perry will look at the past few days and think of something other than a witty one-liner for his response should the topic come up. next, what does rick perry need to do to pull away from his rivals? the debate draws near. stay with us. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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why did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance. i used that money to buy a falcon. ergo, you bought me a falcon. i should've got a falcon. most people who switch to state farm save on average about $480. what they do with it, well, that's their business. oh, that explains a lot, actually. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] now to the somber anniversary we'll mark sunday. on this sunday, september the 11th, america looked forward to pleasant september weather. a senate committee cut over $1 billion from president bush's proposed missile defense system, and the president meanwhile pushed his own economic agenda
3:29 pm
after sobering news on unemployment which had just soared to 4.9%. and then there were 22 hijackers, 22 al qaeda members making the final preparations to carry out the worst attack in america's history. ten years after that tragedy, it's fair to ask the question what is the current status of al qaeda ten years after the attacks of september the 11th? bin laden is dead, as are many of his henchmen, but who has taken their place, and what kind of plots are they capable of inflicting on america and the world? i'm joined now by nbc news terrorism expert and analyst evan coleman who is also the founder of the flashpoint global partners. evan, what can you tell us quickly about this capture of an apparently high level al qaeda operative yesterday, just yesterday? >> younis al mauritani captured in pakistan, part of a third generation of al qaeda leadership and he's key because he's had a lot of contact with
3:30 pm
european al qaeda members, and he's been focusing apparently on targets in both europe and u.s. economic targets, the kind of targets al qaeda perceives they can go after and create as much damage as they did on september 11th. >> now we know that north africa, yemen, libya, tended to be places where al qaeda began to grow out, and yet in this border area of waziristan, is it fair to say that that's where al qaeda has reconstituted itself or re-established itself in the course of the last ten years? >> yeah. certainly the waziristan connection is big. there are a lot of training camps there. there are a lot of different groups. there are uighurs, uzbeks, chechens and arabs, all with their different training camps, and it's important to understand that the threat we're facing now is multi-pronged, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and al qaeda in yemen which has its own training camps and media wing and structure, so the problem is that this threat has become
3:31 pm
decentralized and diversified and it's become multiple different conflict zones that we have to track. >> in terms of what al qaeda represents as a threat to america today, what is -- what should be our biggest concern? is it the lone wolf extremist who comes into a city like new york and attempts to detonate an explosion in times square, or is there a seiber warfare that's going on that we should be also concerned about? >> those two threats are very closely linked because really when it comes to the lone wolf extremist, the home grown terrorist, how do you think they are being recruited? they are being recruited primarily through the internet, being indoctrinated through the internet and being trained through the internet. the whole area of seiber warfare both in the conventional hacking arena and also in this kind of social networking with terrorists on the internet, both of those pose tremendous challenges to u.s. and world law enforcement. every single case, almost every single case of extremism, home
3:32 pm
grown terrorism. there has been a link to al qaeda websites, al qaeda social networking forums, and they are getting more and more sophisticated, and the problem is now they may seek to launch attacks on u.s. infrastructure, seiber infrastructure for which we may not be prepared to stop. >> all of us, of course, are relieved and grateful for the work that the security services do in protecting the united states, and in the last ten years we've managed to survive any kind of repetition of that awful day, but is it really realistic to expect that given that america is a relatively open society, it's a country that welcomes immigrants. >> yeah. >> that allows access, is it realistic to expect this period to continue, or should we be prepared sadly for some future event? >> we have to be. just look at recent history, and i think it shows you why. in the past two years we've had an individual who tried blowing up a car bomb in times square, and he wasn't stopped because of good work of law enforcement or because of the cia.
3:33 pm
his bomb simply failed to go off. we had another individual who boarded an aircraft with a bomb in his underwear. again, the bomb failed to go off, but that was just luck. i think we have to recognize that if al qaeda really wants to strike at us, they will find a way, and what we have to watch out for is, again, the idea of both seiber and economic targets. al qaeda is still looking to strike a major blow against the u.s., and they are coming up with relatively ingenious ways of doing that. will they succeed every time? >> such as. >> going after oil tankers, going after pipelines, things that could cause catastrophic economic damage. will they succeed? who knows, but they are going to keep trying, and the concern is that trying and trying and trying, eventually they may succeed. >> traj ggically. i'm sure you're right. >> evan kohlmann, thanks for being with us. stay with msnbc for the tenth
3:34 pm
anniversary of september 11. one things all the candidates agree is the perilous state of the american economy. with 14 million americans out of work and job growth screeching to a halt last month, job plans are forming the center piece of both republicans and president obama's campaign, so who has got the right formula? joining us now from washington, jared bernstein, senior fellow with the center on budget and policies and msnbc contributor. good afternoon. we're looking ahead to tonight's debate and mitt romney, as you know, just came out with his jobs plan on tuesday, cutting corporate taxes, cutting federal spending, boosting energy production here at home and sanctioning china. but you've said, and i'm quoting you, this is a touchdown for team recession. how? >> yeah. by the cuts that you mentioned. what candidate mitt romney has suggested he wants to do is immediately, and that's his word, immediately cut federal
3:35 pm
spending to 20% of gdp. now, according to the congressional budget office next year outlays as a share of spending is a share of gdp will be 23% so he wants to take 3% of gdp out of the economy next year. that's about $475 billion. i think you would be very hard pressed to find any objective economist on either side of the aisle who would not agree with the assertion that that is a pretty sure fire plan of taking a weak economy back into recession. >> so you're saying that the romney strategy would actually provoke a double dip recession. >> correct. the idea that -- if that's what he means, and he says immediately cap spending at 20% of gdp, and actually in my blog i asked his economist to come forth and explain it to me if i have it wrong because it just doesn't sound right, but that is what it says, a 3% gdp cut of federal spending next year. i understand there's lots of
3:36 pm
anxiety about federal spending on the right, lots of desire to cut it, i don't think you can find an economist to disagree saying that that would take the economy that's going to be weak the next year into recession. >> well, we're learning also about president obama's plan, and there's mention of a $300 billion cut in spending. he's being urged by his base to go big is this going to be big enough to light a fire, for both job creation and also for his re-election campaign, and can he really get away with using that x rated term stimulus again? >> i think that calling these targeted jobs programs is probably more effective messaging, but on the economics, i think the plan has two very strong attributes, and by the way, it does stand in stark contrast to what mitt romney suggested in this regard as well. romney's plan says there's nothing we can do about short-term growth or immediate problems of unemployment. he's look for the long term,
3:37 pm
long-term tax reform and all that. the president says if we apply targeted measure to jobs, a payroll tax cut holiday, maybe some infrastructure, helping to repair schools. we've talked about this on this show, fixing america's schools today, these programs if we can get them into the economy quickly, they can help. >> jarred bernstein, thank you very much for joining us. >> my plesh schnurr and tune in tomorrow to probe m's jobs speech at 7:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, more as we get closer to eight gop hopefuls squaring off right here on msnbc and many baby boomers have finally just said no to something. leaving an inheritance to their kids.
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for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit welcome back. my colleague veronica de la cruz is in the newsroom with a look at stories developing right now. >> hi, martin. nice to see you. we twin in washington, d.c. where a crane collapse just nearly missed crushing the national cathedral or the bish op's home next door. the crane toppled during work to clean up earthquake damage. the crane operator was hurt but is expected to be okay. as the machine tipped over it clipped a roof but the full brunt came down in a parking lot between the bish op's parking lot and a church. today's rainy and windy weather is expected to be a factor though the accident is still under investigation. more full-body scanners are coming to an airport near you. today the tsa announced it will buy 300 more machines. the cost $45 million. the agency says these machines will not show naked images of passengers, only body outlines
3:42 pm
with warning boxes pointing to potentially threatening objects. those are the headlines. martin, let's send it back to you. >> thanks very much, veronica. next, we do -- we score the president's proposals on jobs, and baby boomers want to spend it all before they die and leaving this for their kids. are they the worst generation ever? [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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3:45 pm
i'm bertha coombs with your cnbc market wrap. with about 15 minutes to go until the closing bell, a look at how stocks are doing. a nice little rally on our hands with concerns about europe easing a bit today and expectations for the president's speech tomorrow and potential stimulus plans. and it used to be that food stamp beneficiaries could only buy their subsidized goods at the local grocers. now, some restauranteurs are blogging for a slice of the pie
3:46 pm
hoping for a change of regulation that would allow recipients to spend food stamp funds in their eateries. last year food stamp benefits rose to $64 billion. that's it from cnbc. we're first in business worldwide. martin, back to you. >> has the generation of free love fallen in love with their own material possessions? well, in a new survey just under half of all america's baby boomers say that when they die they won't leave their kids a dime, nothing. so this has some asking are the 79 million strong generation been between 1946 and 1964 the worst generation ever? indeed, here's how one recent college grad describe the boomers in a letter to "the atlantic." guardians of the state, they have left it dysfunctional. watchdogs of the economy, they have let it burn. for more on this, i'm joined now by social and political humorist jimmy tingall.
3:47 pm
>> good afternoon, martin. >> isn't it the final revelation that with all their talk of free love and legalized cannabis this was really one of the most selfish generations in the human race? >> mar continue tin, i'm surprised at you, a baby boomer yourself. how can you say -- >> i was born in 1963, absolutely. >> martin, it's not a question of being selfish. charity starts at home. a lot of these people just don't have the money, especially the way the economy is now. for one thing, people are living -- they have to be able to take care of themselves. people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. they say that 60 years old is the new 40. i love that. 80 is the new 60. i love that. 100 is the new 80. i love that, and the afterlife, martin is the new assisted living, so they need money. martin, they need money for assisted living. >> but rather than leave something to their children, this generation seems obsessed with anti-aging cosmetics.
3:48 pm
expected to spend $114 billion on anti-aging products to the year 2015 so i guess if kids are asking where's all the money, their parents can point to the sink and say, well, it's gone down there, hasn't it? >> i wouldn't say they are spending their kids inheritance on makeup and anti-aging and health clubs. first of all, a lot of baby boomers are taking care of their own parents. you won't believe this. my mother is 83 years old, okay? >> i find that very difficult to believe, jimmy, looking at how young you look but keep going. >> i was the youngest of 43 children. >> clearly. >> but she was -- she's 83 years old, and we're all pitching in to help her. she asked me to do the shopping last week so i go into the store to get her -- she wanted depends which you know what those, are the adult diapers, right, so i go in there to get the depends, the first time buying depends, and i'm looking at the stuff on the shelf and i say to the woman, excuse me miss, i'm not sure where are the sizes on the depends. the woman looks at me, martin, and says you look like you need
3:49 pm
a medium. i said, miss, they are not for me. they are for my mother. i'm a baby boomer trying to take care of my parents. >> i'm not going to question the voracity of your honesty and whether that actually happened, but maybe this is the best way to treat one's material possessions. use them all up and there's nothing left when you diet. ashes to ashes. why not ashes to ashes with your possessions and your money. >> well, i think a lot of people, martin, have literally, because of the downturn in the economy, they don't have it, and a lot of people have already invested in their kids rather wisely. like a lot of parents are giving them money now while they can see the benefits of the kids and they have a self-interest with that. for example, a lot of baby boomers are giving their kids, you know, 20,000, 30,000 for a down payment on a house. that way when the boomer becomes senile themselves, they will have a place to stay. >> indeed. just a final question, jimmy, will you be leaving any of your possessions to your children?
3:50 pm
>> i have nothing, martin. >> there's the answer. >> aink leaving my website and facebook page. >> thank you, they will be used. >> thanks much, jimmy. >> and the countdown to the reagan debate continues. four hours until the republican field takes the stage, and you can bet the president will have one eye on msnbc as he finalizes his own jobs plan to be laid out tomorrow. we want to bring in mike viqueira at the white house. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: hi there, martin. >> can you say with any confidence, one way or the other if the president will actually be watching this debate? >> reporter: i can -- well, i was going to try to make a joke after that last segment, whether he would be watching msnbc or not. you know, that question was asked of jay carney today. his answer was fairly non-committal. it's a fairly safe bet that a lot of people in the west wing will be watching the debate and might even be watching it on msnbc. of course, it's the following night, it turns out, that the president is going to be given
3:51 pm
his much anticipated speech on jobs and the economy to a joint session of congress, and he faces a challenge there, too, martin, because he's speaking in a hyper partisan atmosphere, as evidenced by if nothing else the debate we see tonight heading into the campaign season, the first one where rick perry, the new front-runner is speaking. he's speaking in a hyper partisan atmosphere, and we're heard what's dripping out and being panned by some republicans on capitol hill but the subject is not partisan. 14 million americans are out of work, so he has to walk this line between -- between going big or going bold or something ambitious, but he can't be too ambitious, because if he gives something and is seen as red meat to the democratic base, he's out there fighting but it's seen as unrealistic, he's got to deal with the confidence of the consumers and the confidence of the market that might react poorly and be counterproductive to the original intention which is to do something about the economy. at the same time he can't stand pat and be too conservative because it will have the same effect. he's got to walk the fine line,
3:52 pm
martin. >> i thought though, mike, there's the possibility if he does go bold and goes out there and puts something to the country that's ambitious, it will call the bluff of his political opponents and they will be derided. >> yeah. >> criticized, highlighted as the people opposing plans to encourage job creation. >> reporter: certainly, and i'm sure the white house and the president's campaign out in chicago are very findful of the fact that the only person whose numbers look work than the president's is congress. they are at a historical low. in our poll any weigh in terms of approval. he may go bold, martin. keeping a very tight lid on some of the details of what they are talking about. at this point we're seeing the same thing over and over again. infrastructure spending, money for schools, extending that payroll tax cut, pushing trade agreements, things of that nature. tax breaks for businesses, especially businesses that hire
3:53 pm
the currently unemployed. it will be up to the president to see if he'll throw some big long hail mary passes, if you will, to really try to shake things up. >> mike, we'll be back to you tomorrow for all the information as ever. thanks for joining us. >> all righty. >> and we'll be right back. . i had a heart problem.
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(announcer) everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system. ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge! it's time now to clear the air and we're all looking forward to this evening's republican debate which will be live on msnbc at 8:00 p.m. eastern. once the debate is over there will no doubt be the usual post match analysis. who scored big. who whacked who? who delivered the best
3:57 pm
performance? then tomorrow night the president will give details of his plan to revive the economy and create work for the 14 million americans who are currently unemployed. and again, there will be the usual assessment of how he did and whether there is a cat in hell's chance this dysfunctional congress will agree to work with him or simply oppose everything he says. neither the republican debate nor the president's speech will achieve the kind of unity that this country so desperately needs. a unity that somehow arose out of the worst terrorist attack ever perpetrated against the united states. the tenth anniversary of which will mark this coming weekend. and this day, september 7th, 2001, any talk of al qaeda and osama bin laden was strictly held behind closed doors. america was much more interested in a rising unemployment rate. the number had just risen to 4.9%. yes, almost half what it is today. but at the time very much a cause for concern.
3:58 pm
in business news, it was said it might lower japan's long-time credit rating over concerns about debt. sounds familiar doesn't it? but perhaps most remarkably, on the morning when terror struck, president george w. bush was in a classroom marking a bipartisan effort to improve education for all american children. indeed, the man who partnered with him, the late senator edward kennedy, might well have been described as his most fearsome opponent politically and, yet, in the weeks and months before that horrendous attack, these two politicians got together for what they believed was for the good of the country. now, just ten years later, does anyone really believe that such cooperation is possible, that the commitment to public service might, just might come before personal or political gain? is that possible? or does it take the most horrific act of violence against two of the cultural centers of this country -- the city of new york and the seat of the
3:59 pm
nation's capital -- for people and politicians to realize that progress is rarely made when a nation is divided against itself. the challenge for each of the republican contenders and the president tomorrow is not the words that they'll speak but the actions that they'll take. let's hope that the anniversary of 9/11 painful though it is will force them to consider the better aspects of their nature for the good of this nation. thank you very much indeed for watching. we've all been waiting for the man to return. he said he was going on a brief vacation. he didn't come back for three weeks. but, ladies and gentlemen, i give you the one and only professor of economics at the university of tribeca, new york, dr. dylan ratigan. >> well, it's interesting. a very flattering introduction. i believe your name is martin, correct? >> right. >> i haven't been here in a while but that is how they refer to you? >> thank you. that is correct. >> and you have a reputation